The Prompts So Far

We are picking our prompts from

To start we chose some prompts that we both like and are excited to write about.

Here are the prompts we plan to work from first:

      1. You realize that a shop you walk past everyday is only visible to you and no one else. What awaits you inside?
      2. You run after someone who left a strange book on a bus and they go into a house. Through the window you see..
      3. My mother only had two basic rules. Don’t ever fall in love and never summon a demon. I couldn’t honor either.
      4. – Bored at college you start tapping inaudibly under your seat. You find a note stuck to the bottom of it.
      5. – You come home to find an old fashioned phone sitting in the middle of your table. No wires lead to it. It rings.
      6. – ’14th Century’ read the sign by the pub. Odd. The building looked old but definitely hadn’t been there yesterday.
      7. – The lights of every house in the town were on that night, except for one.
      8. – Your villain has to go to therapy to discuss their issues. Write about what transpires during the session.
      9. – Five people meet over dinner. All their deaths are scheduled for two weeks time. Some want to die, some do not.
      10. – An innocent tweet about your breakfast spirals out of control, when a strange police squad arrests you for treason.
      11. -As the elevator door is about to close, you lock eyes with someone on the other side…someone from you past.
      12. – You come to work one day to find all e-mails and social media accounts logged into another person. Who are they?
      13. – A local take-away doesn’t have a menu or serve food, but weird customers come and go. You get a job to investigate.
      14. – In a train station, you see someone interesting and steal their bag and ticket. Where will your new items take you?
      15. – In a book shop, she sees a book with her name on the spine. Her picture is on the book jacket. She did not write it.
      16. – I knew it was over the day he shouted mushrooms.
      17. – She began to run, faster and faster, as quickly as her short legs could carry her. There was no turning back now.
      18. – A lady finds notes in books she borrows from the library. She searches for the sender.
      19. – ‘Is your name Lisa?” asked the waitress. ‘Yes,” she lied.
      20. – He was the one person I hated more than anything. And now I’m stuck on an elevator with him.
      21. – The window in the garden wall was been boarded up forever, but tonight a dull, violet light pulses in the cracks.
      22. – What if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow?

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